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Chopper Fallout Choking Rock Stars And Chicken Bones 9/9 Kurre & Klapow Show Notes

As we embark on another hump,I instinctively scour over and set my sights on topics that'll not only make you ponder this weird world we live in, but make you wonder how in the world these two knuckleheads get to broadcast to it.....

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-Chopper fallout-The Sturgis numbers are in and if you went, you're a "knucklehead"

-If you're teacher texts you 69,000 times, there might be some extra credit involved

-If your husband tried to choke you to death, would you stay with him? You would if it's Ozzy

-This is now the worse place you can go during a pandemic...according to a workout guru

-The Golden Girls is returning! And it looks a little different....


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