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Directions,Elections and Erections -9/14 Kurre and Klapow Show Notes

We're 50 days away from Election Day,and the closer we get, the more political signs I see popping up in yards. Do you remember when we felt no need to share anything? Now,we give out our phone numbers like business cards and show our political allegiance with cheap,corrugated signs, proudly displayed next to our "yard of the month" sign and our finely pruned Japanese maple. If you know half of the people driving by your pad are going to either love it or hate it, why do we do it? I mean, don't we still have partitions in election booths so we can keep our vote private? Just asking....

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-The NFL is back with a record breaking many ways.

-We've just erected a new superhero

-How much do you care about your looks? More than you think



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