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From Back In The Day

I grew up in "the Valley". I was raised on classic rock, L.A. style. KLOS and KMET.

Lived for the music, the DJs and the hope that the song I wanted would be played. Before there was MTV there was classic rock radio. When I moved to Birmingham in the late 90's, I felt lost ( I did get lost quite a bit- no GPS). I swear the following is true. Feeling homesick and not particularly fond of Country music at the time, I was flipping through unfamiliar radio stations and this voice came on. It had a sound and a feel that instantly reminded me of Bob Coburn and KLOS.

Yeah- it was Tony Kurre. And while I can't remember the song, I do remember feeling like - "ok- cool- at least there's someone here who sounds like home". Didn't actually meet Tony until well over a decade later. The rest his history. KCast Radio IS my KLOS/KMET. It's windows down, dry San Fernando Valley heat (ok- that part is in my head), and just a hint of haze as you crank a song. KCast is what we had but it's delivered with all the advantages of what we have today. Thanks KLOS and KMET. Thanks Bob Coburn , may he rest in peace. Thanks Tone the Bone- it's all of you who keep Classic Rock alive.

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