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From Back In The Day

I grew up in "the Valley". I was raised on classic rock, L.A. style. KLOS and KMET.

Lived for the music, the DJs and the hope that the song I wanted would be played. Before there was MTV there was classic rock radio. When I moved to Birmingham in the late 90's, I felt lost ( I did get lost quite a bit- no GPS). I swear the following is true. Feeling homesick and not particularly fond of Country music at the time, I was flipping through unfamiliar radio stations and this voice came on. It had a sound and a feel that instantly reminded me of Bob Coburn and KLOS.

Yeah- it was Tony Kurre. And while I can't remember the song, I do remember feeling like - "ok- cool- at least there's someone here who sounds like home". Didn't actually meet Tony until well over a decade later. The rest his history. KCast Radio IS my KLOS/KMET. It's windows down, dry San Fernando Valley heat (ok- that part is in my head), and just a hint of haze as you crank a song. KCast is what we had but it's delivered with all the advantages of what we have today. Thanks KLOS and KMET. Thanks Bob Coburn , may he rest in peace. Thanks Tone the Bone- it's all of you who keep Classic Rock alive.

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James Michael Keats
James Michael Keats
Aug 26, 2020

Hell YES ! ! #KLOS ! ! #CaliLove ! ! Those guys did Radio. They left an indelible mark on the music broadcast industry and they set the bar freggin’ high. They brought just the right mix, the right personality, and the collective cool-factor that was nigh matchless #BackInTheDay , and I’d even go so far as to say the Radio they showed us then is still the gold standard today, in 2020. There aren’t many who (a) have the talent / skill to breath life back into the platform or (b) have the heart and will to reintroduce real Radio back into the mainstream... but #TonyKurre surely has both of those and whatever (c), (d), and (e) might include, too.…

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