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8/6: James Michael Keats - Show Notes

Happy Thursday, August 6, 2020! James Michael Keats here with you! Here are the #shownotes for today. Enjoy!

Noon - 1p: We're adding some sick new features to to help you connect with us so we can make KCast Radio ROCK just the way you like!

  • NEW blog-style section now available on Check out the #KChronicle at and become a member today so you can plug in, connect with others in the KCast Radio community, take in the show notes from your favorite KCast Radio jocks, and stay informed about any upcoming events or contests we've got going on.

  • Over the weekend we'll be adding a form where you can submit a song request and another form where you can shoot us some feedback about your KCast Radio listening experience. Keep an eye out for both and fill 'em out so we can make KCast Radio the best Classic ROCK station ever!

1p - 2p: This Birmingham, Alabama musician is getting creative during the pandemic in order to connect with fans and raise awareness about his band, The Garage, and their upcoming album releases.

  • Musician Matt Carroll has been going LIVE on Facebook and Twitch to take online requests. You can make a request by following him on Facebook at:

  • Follow him on Twitter: @matthewcarrollm

  • Catch him on Twitch at:

  • Matt Carroll sets a hell of an example for other artists and creatives who are trying to figure out how to put themselves out there and find their way in the world as a creative professional. This is what being an artist looks like. Check him out, make a request when he's LIVE, and definitely follow his work. Way to get after it, Matt.

2p - 3p: Guys, apparently there are some things that you do all the time that gets the ladies going, and take it from me, you probably were never even aware of them...

  • Changing a flat tire

  • Working on "man-jobs" in the garage

  • Unfastening the last button on your suit jacket in preparation to sit down

  • Typing???

  • According to #tonykurre, anything that men do with their hands—causing veins to become visible—are the things you should keep doing because those are the things that catch the attention of the ladies and get their heart rate up.

  • Let's just be honest… this would seem to go back to the fact that we're basically running around with monkey brains: guys are looking for a mate they subconsciously have decided is suitable to impregnate (hot chick), and ladies are looking for a big, strong man to beat the crap out of dangerous animals if the need should arise (hot dude).

JMK signing out!


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James Michael Keats
James Michael Keats
06 de ago. de 2020

First! hehe

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