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Marriage,Monkeys,and Meteorological Madness 9/2 Kurre and Klapow Show Notes

We love hump days around here-Great content, good guests and killer oneryness. Here's what we're looking at today-

-If WBRC Fox 6 chief meteorologists JP Dice listens to music while he flies, does he go with "Wind Beneath My Wings" or "Learning To Fly?"

-The absolute funniest movies of all time, just came out-Are you surprised?

-Is it pissing you off that politics are now part of college football?

-How fragile is marriage? Let's add a pandemic and find out-numbers are in.

-Can't find TP,Clorox wipes and Dr.Pepper? Now we have a shortage of monkeys and it may kill us all.

-Enough is enough-You don't screw with The King.

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