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My Rock Roots

I'm a shrink. I can't sing, I can't dance and I can't play an instrument. I grew up on singer-songwriter 70s music, as well as classic rock. I tried the guitar, never followed through. My dad could play almost any instrument. My mom played the piano. I had a step dad who could sing, a step-sister who had an amazing voice, but me nothing. I do however have this incredible connection with rock and the rock scene in L.A. in the early 80s. I have a step-brother who as a kid I idolized. He lived at the beach, slept in a hammock in his apartment, surfed during the day, and played the bass in a band at night. And as a 12-14 year old kid from the Valley, I was in awe. Will never forget going to The Troubadour with my mom and stepdad to see brother David play. Yep- the iconic Troubadour. Me and my parents, and then after the opening band, it was Drastic Action featuring David Mickley on bass. I can't rock, but damn, he could. I don't see David much anymore. Our lives went in different directions. We are connected through social media and yeah- this kid from the Valley still idolizes his rockin, surfin brother. I've always loved rock, and in particular the shredding electric guitar solos. The ones where heads were banging, ears were piercing and there was this melodic anger that you could feel. So here is some vintage Troubadour music with vintage, David Mickley (blonde dude on bass), and vintage Drastic Action and an AC/DC cover they did as an encore. AC/DC, Tony Kurre's favorite band and why I love Live Wire Wednesdays on KCast Radio. Keep rockin ya'll.


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