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Record Breakers Candy Bar Bans Covid Gets Testy? It's Debatable...

Everybody likes a good debate, right? Especially when it's two dudes with 152 years of living experience who can't get out of their own way. Today The Kurre and Klapow show debate the real issues-Like, what do you say to a good friend if you think his wife has gone bi-sexual? Exactly!

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-First off , it's Twofer Tuesday! Double shots of Classic Rock ALL DAY

-The Master Debaters square off at 7:45aC

-Is it cool to have a gay frontman in a heavy metal band? (NSF...)

-A candy grab gone wrong-We just can't keep our hands off of it

-Covid 19 now attacks the testicles...Got your attention now?

-More women are skipping out on having kids. What do their men think about it?



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