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Teachers,Testing and Tee-Tee 9/4 Kurre and Klapow Show Notes

Happy Friday and early Labor Day Weekend. You never know what you're going to hear and what we're going to say-Today of all days, we remember "any mic is an open mic"-So here goes!

-Another test we should be thinking about....

-Pelosi getting her hair done? She didn't go here...

-Should Kaepernick be in the Hall of Fame? This guy thinks so-

-Yesterday,Rachel Baribeau talked about celery juice therapy. How about 7 pints of this....

-Of all the men Jane could have slept with, this is the one she regrets NOT hooking up with-

-Talk about adding insult to injury-Our Spy4Rent Love Lust and Life story of the day (so size does matter)

Download the KCast Radio App now and check out Kurre and Klapow and Classic Rock to The Bone all Labor Day Weekend!


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