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8/26: Kurre and Klapow Show Notes - Canes, Kobe, and Crazy Dreams...

Another awesome show

that blows in like our a CAT 4-

-What do you do with a person who is unrehabilitatable?

It's sad when despite their best efforts they cannot beat an addiction or obsession. And some people can't (JK)

-Does your fiancé make your knees weak? Maybe this is why...

This turned into a very spirited debate about why men get angry when their mate wants to please themself. (jk)

-Storage locker treasure-Why was Kobe's stuff found here?

Storage locker story - overrated. Kobe gone- I'm still devastated. (jk)

-Sorry,your crazy dreams may mean absolutely nothing...

BS-- they mean a ton. Do they describe who you are? Probably not. Do they describe how you are? Damn straight they do. (jk)

-A High School football coach finally says what many have been thinking-And what happens next?

FINALLY! I know there are coaches who feel like this. Should HS coaches be pressured into deciding whether to keep players safe or play agame? (jk)


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