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"Whoa,did somebody step on a duck?" 9/10 Kurre and Klapow Show Notes

On this day, when the NFL returns and the anxiety of the September 11 Anniversary looms, sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. That's what we do on Kurre and Klapow and really, 24 hours a day on KCast Radio. Download the NEW KCast Radio App and you'll see what I mean....Today's show-

-Speaking of the NFL return (Hou @ KC 7:20C tonight) a lot of fans are showing a lack of support for all sports.Why?

-The incomparable Rachel Baribeau joins us at 8:15C

-Marriage challenges? Try living in a bubble with one

-Da da da da da da da da da da....Caddyshack is back

-Kid gets suspended...for going to school?

-And finally-not again...Always look before you squat....


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