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why listen to kcast? I only have 66 characters left. Can't list the reason's why in this title.

Thanks for reading the description. It's for your own benefit!

Reason 1. We ROCK. All the time. Other classic rock stations don't. And you know it.

2. We play close to 55-57 minutes of ROCK every single hour. The others....about 40 minutes.

3. Our jocks kick ass. Tony Kurre is the BEST rock jock of all time and he's the captain of this rock'n'roll mess.

4. It's all about the music. Not all about the bullshit a manager or program director insists is important.

5. We talk about stuff that matters....tune in to hear the difference.

6. FCC? What FCC? We don't even know what those letters even mean.

7. Hot chicks love this station.

8. We love hot chicks.

9. Our voice guy say's "classic rock to the bone" better than any other voice guy on earth.

10. Why do we always have to end with 10? Don't the other 9 reasons matter?


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