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It's a Labor of love! Lip Syncing,Living with parents and Locker Room Lovers

Happy Labor Day! And KCast Radio's Kurre and Klapow is LIVE 7-NoonC- Download the KCast Radio app now and Rock To The Bone 24 hours a day. On today's show...

-What Labor Day really means....

-Y.M.C.A? Why are Trump fans adopting The Village People?

-The Pope rants on a plague worse than the pandemic.

-52% of young adults are now doing this-How do parents deal with it?

You love your kids- you want the best for them. That means your job is to help shape them into independent, self-sufficient adults. That doesn't mean kick them to the curb and it doesnt mean treat them like they were 12. A grown child who moves back home is an adult who is moving home. The biggest challenge you have as a parent is to figure out how to see them in that light.

  1. ground rules- what is their gameplay? Why are they moving home? What is their plan for becoming independent (including specific job or school tasks, timelines, contributions to the expenses of the house etc.)

  2. treat them like adults- you don't get to micromanage them like they were teens - you do this and all you will have is conflict - #1 above should take care of most of the challenges if done right.

  3. recognize that they may be struggling with their identity, fears about growing up, guilt or shame for living at home- even if they don't show it. be compassionate, talk, treat them with kindness

  4. yes- this will put a wrench in your new lifestyle. no- this will not fix your marital problems (get a goldfish). yes- it's good to have your kids home. no- you don't call all the shots anymore.

Finally- as long as they are home - you can require them to listen to the classic rock they grew up on that you played. Listening to KCast is non-negotiable. Who knows, a little Sammy, AC/DC, or Santana may just be the way to bridge this somewhat awkward chapter in yours and your child's life. (JK)

-A Gender Reveal gone up in smoke?

-Marriage is like an assembling a basketball team-Michelle Obama explains...

-What happens in the locker room....


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