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Singing,Sprinkling and Starting S**t - 9/8 Kurre and Klapow Show Notes

Well,this is it....The day things are supposed to get back to normal...a little. Traditionally,the day after Labor Day is the day where most of us settle in to a new norm-Kids are back in school-College football is in swing-Summer is unofficially over and Fall ushers in a new sense of crisp new beginnings. But,this is 2020-We have a pandemic, civil unrest, wildfires, and God almighty, the biggest ass spider web I've ever seen outside my front door.What could go wrong, right? Let's navigate this together:)

Start by downloading the NEW KCast Radio App now and check out today's Kurre and Klapow Show 7-NoonC and double shots of Classic Rock-It's a TwoFer Tuesday!

-I'll have one of each, a side of crabs and I won't be paying....

Keisa Sharpe

-We love some Keisa Sharpe-tune in at 8:15 and find out why

1. Maple syrup sweat and spaghetti hair? Dude, Tony, you need help man. Ok - onto more important topics

Your celebrity crush. Would you:

  1. dance with them at an event where your spouse was present

  2. dance with them at an event where yous spouse wasn't present

  3. sleep with them for one night only (while being married)

  4. whisk away with them and leave your spouse behind

Context means everything. And how you answer these questions speaks to your relationship with your spouse, your own morality and just how hung up you may be on your celebrity crush. JK

Celebrity Crushes. Who might these crushes belong to? (click on the image to find out)

-Be careful what kind of bait you're using when you "catfish"

-Watching your "P's" and "Q's"....and your "B's" too-Clear your throat and sing something else


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