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8/25: The Kurre and Klapow Show Notes - Keisa, kiss, and KFC

-Anchor,motivational speaker....rocket scientist? Keisa Sharpe takes it on and takes it out at 8:15aC

What I learned- It's ok not to be vegan, it's ok to start back up after stopping exercise, and it's ok to put rotting fruit

and veggies in a smoothie? Oh how I love this show. JK

-He spent it last year on stage, how will Kiss' Gene Simmons celebrate his 71st birthday today?

-Clothes make the man? Why 5.5 inches is so important...

Josh says: "yes".

Josh says: "No"

So after I got slammed on for understanding the latest fashion trends (I believe the quote from Tony was "I knew Josh would be all over this one") - I did come to the conclusion that I am more of a 7-9 inch inseam guy vs a 5.5. JK

-Tony was as usual pulling his "when I was a kid" stuff out of his ass when we

were talking about kids getting a job (JK)


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