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Battle Tested, Battle Fatigued and Battle Lessons - 9/25: The Kurre and Klapow Show Notes

There's no better way to kick off the weekend than with KCast Radio's Kurre and Klapow-Download that NEW KCast Radio app now and get an earful.


Battle Lessons is the brand new effort from our good friend Damon Johnson & The Get Ready. Damon joins the show talking tributes (Lizzy tribute tonight, details below!) and one of his new tracks at 8:30aC



-It's been serving Birmingham for 76 years and thousands of men, women and children. Jimmie Hale Mission's Michael Coleman joins K & K at 7:30 talking about a new vision

-We reach out to Barak Obama-Will he answer?

-I'm all about recycling, but this is disgusting...

-What happens when you deliver something to a pizza delivery guy?

-New sex trends for 2021. Like, we totally mailed it in on getting any in 2020?



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